Koti English Aditro challenges the routine of payroll

Aditro challenges the routine of payroll


Aditro boldly searches for the next-generation of total solutions for outsourcing payroll services.
At the heart of this change are the re-design of work duties, robotics, and an excellent customer experience.

Aditro offers outsourced payroll services to its customers. At the core of the company’s operations is continuous development, which means that when the time comes for reinvention, Aditro is ready to take responsibility and deepen its partnerships. Against this background, the company has initiated an extensive payroll change project, involving the thorough scan of the processes, procedures, tools, and support channels of payroll. “This change is made with the customer and staff first in mind. The objective is that when we have reached our goal, our results will be seen by the customer as being more efficient, of better quality and with an even better ability to serve customers in challenging everyday situations, says the director responsible for Tallinn’s outsourcing services”, Outi Sivén.

“Technological development and digitalisation contribute to our ability to serve a wider customer base with Aditro’s business models, and to freeing the expertise of our specialists for the purposes of customer support and consulting, the director responsible for Finnish outsourcing services”, Hanna Mattinen adds.

Robotics performs manual tasks

The world is changing, technological tools are evolving and digitalisation will inevitably, also be reflected in the world of payroll administration and payroll processes. “We, as a pioneer company, wanted to take the digital leap towards the future. The aim is that when we’re at our journey’s end, we can use robotics for manual payroll work processes, and direct Aditro’s specialist knowledge in payroll administration to tasks that demand a deeper level of expertise. For Aditro professionals, this means the ability to develop and create a totally new kind of job description”, explains Mattinen.    

Work duties to be redesigned

Mattinen and Sivén have the opinion that the digital revolution also means a re-designing of tasks. “It will enrich the job descriptions of our experts, and free-up resources for customers’ personal services and the delivery of the customer experience. Customers are operating in an increasingly networked manner. It frequently becomes necessary in everyday life, where there are exceptional situations that require an external service provider with a strong knowledge base, and support. We also have taken a position with the company’s management because we want, by an orderly change in leadership, to coach and motivate our skilled employees. This is so that we will soon be ready to provide a partnership with our customers, as well as the next-generation of total solutions of payroll management using digitalisation and robotics”, Mattinen and Sivén state. 


Text: Mia Heiskanen


People, not tech, come first. We don’t build things because we can. We create solutions for real people in the real world who work everywhere, anywhere, anytime and on any device. And because we always think people first, our intuitive tools are picked up in an instant – and used over, and over, and over again. We simply want to get the job done. And done brilliantly.

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