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Digital Disruption in Risk Mitigation

Pioneering Dubai-based company the DataFlow Group defines the digital future of Primary Source Verification (PSV)

Sunil Kumar, CEO at the DataFlow Group

Historically, the corporate and professional world has leveraged conventional channels to ascertain whether a potential employee is truly who they claim to be. This fact-checking practice – typically a manual process involving someone picking up the telephone – has long been the norm.

However, against the backdrop of an increasingly global workforce,  this approach is not without its limitations. Particularly when you take in to account the rising sophistication in the misrepresentation of credentials, which is sometimes perpetrated in collusion with unscrupulous Issuing Authority officials.  

In this context, the traditional background verification approach can be ineffective and lead to serious consequences, especially in high-risk sectors.

“Healthcare is one area where there is no margin for incompetence,”, says Sunil Kumar, CEO at the DataFlow Group. “The risk of having someone who is not qualified for a job can literally make a difference between life and death.  In the GCC, we are proud to work closely with most of their Health Regulators to ensure those with questionable credentials are identified early and are eliminated from the application (and licensing) process.”

Experts in Global Verification

As a leading global provider of specialised Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions, background screening and immigration compliance services, the DataFlow Group has emerged as the first line of defence to help organizations across various industries protect themselves against financial losses, regulatory implications, reputational and brand damage as well as internal risks.

The company works with a worldwide client portfolio that includes ministries, immigration departments, regulators and private sector firms and has over time, developed a strong reputation for PSV in the healthcare sector. In other sectors, the DataFlow Group has long-standing strategic partnerships with
clients in the engineering, immigration,
accounting and financial service industries.

“Our reputation as an industry leader within the verification space has enabled us over the last 15 years to build an expansive network in excess of 100,000 Issuing Authorities across more than 200 countries and territories. The sheer volume of information provided by our network has enabled us to pull the data from disparate sources and identify trends which indicate instances of fraud and internal collusion. By pinpointing these early, we are able to focus on doing what we do best at the DataFlow Group – delivering high-quality verification results in low turnaround times.

To enable this operationally, the DataFlow Group has built teams of verification experts in key talent supply markets throughout the globe, where having a local presence in geographies that have high levels of migration has helped us to become the market ‘go-to;’ best placed to assist Applicants and businesses to mitigate risk within international recruitment,” says Sunil.

 “We know there are a lot of mom-and-pop shops out there, but the DataFlow Group has established itself through the quality of its operations and the technological know-how that we bring to the verification industry,” adds Sunil.

TrueProfile.io – the Digital Future of Verification

Never one to rest on their laurels, the DataFlow Group is in the process of transforming the risk mitigation value chain of the future – through TrueProfile.io.

A portable blockchain-based verification solution, TrueProfile.io allows individuals to start the credential verification process even before signing-up for a job, thereby ensuring a minimal time lag in securing a license once they accept an offer. Equally important, at the opposite end of the hiring spectrum, the TrueProfile.io platform provides employers access to a global, qualified and most importantly, verified talent pool – significantly reducing the time and effort that goes into recruiting a qualified professional.

 “With TrueProfile.io, we aim to simplify the recruitment and licensing process, and help employers cut down their hiring time and costs,” notes Sunil. “Think of us as a technology solution that offers the largest pool of qualified and verified healthcare professionals who are ready to be hired in the GCC.”

Commitment to Excellence

The DataFlow Group’s mission is to ‘Protect Communities’  – a task they deliver in their
capacity as a global expert in both professional integrity and immigration screening services; working across borders within countries that rely mainly on foreign talent. 

“Our operational rigour and Customer promise is founded on the core values of security, accuracy, integrity and flexibility,” says Sunil. “Adhering to the highest industry standards, we want to be the partner of choice when it comes to the risk mitigation solutions utilized for a qualified and verified workforce, and with TrueProfile.io we have a future proof solution that will meet this objective – and the demand.”

The DataFlow Group

The DataFlow Group is a leading global provider of specialised Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions, and background screening and immigration compliance services.

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