Koti English Industry leaders and real estate professionals come together

Industry leaders and real estate professionals come together


Let’s start at the beginning. Since 1978, Kiinko Real Estate Education has been offering top quality education programs and courses for Finnish real estate and construction professionals. 

In our field, the only constant thing is change. New ways of working are emerging because of digitalisation and internalisation – the way we educate must reflect this”, says Kiinko’s CEO Jarno Tuimala.

Kiinko offers further adult education and training in asset, property and facilities management, business and maintenance. 

“It’s essential to keep updating one’s education. Our students have typically a lot of practical experience from the field. This adds depth to the discussions”, comments Kiinko’s Principal and Development director Jaana Lehto. 


As the sole further education provider specialising in real estate education, Kiinko’s view of the field is exceptional. Through its owners, Finland’s main real estate associations, Kiinko has close ties with the Finnish real estate and construction business. It also works constantly to strengthen its partnerships. Courses are taught by seasoned professionals. 

“Our network of expert speakers includes university professors, consults and lawyers. Their vast expertise is one of the most valued things among our students. We’re very proud of our role as the provider of the most up-to-date information in the field. With 40 years of knowledge under our belts, we want to be the first choice for improving real estate and property management skills”, says Tuimala.


In 2016, Kiinko launched a new Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Real Estate and Construction. It’s the only one of its kind in Finland, done in co-operation with the University of Tampere. It brings industry leaders and real estate professionals together to explore real-world scenarios, best practices and effective leadership techniques. The groundbreaking program is designed for executives and senior managers with substantial long-term experience in real estate and construction organisations such as managing directors, real estate and project directors. Chief architects and real estate development managers also benefit from it. EMBA programs last 2-3 years and degrees can be completed while continuing to work. All courses are taught mostly in Finnish. 

”We want to be the first choice for real estate and property management education”

“It’s a specialised EMBA program, covering three areas: real estate business and strategic thinking, organisational and people leadership skills, as well as personal and individual leadership skills. The University of Tampere had experience in specialised MBA programs, so we got off on a very good foot quickly. We have a shared vision of what we want this program to be”, enthuses Tuimala. 

Lehto is excited about the first EMBA program, which is now in full swing. The second course is currently available for applying.

“The first one has been up and running for a year. We update the content according to trends and feedback from students. Before the same module is taught again, two years pass – it’s crucial to keep revamping, instead of teaching the same content. Study modules we’ve set in place push the group forward at a steady pace and cohesively. Interaction and networking are crucial paths to a completed degree.”


In addition to developing real estate education, Kiinko is heavily invested in research and participates in international development projects.

“We allow research grants, as well as cultivate information ourselves. We wish to increase the general knowledge in our field”, explains Lehto. 

To come full circle, we must return to the beginning: the challenges of an ever-changing field. Tuimala sees opportunities in this. 

“Without constantly reacting to the changes, you simply can’t survive. We’re proud of our capability to adapt quickly. We want Kiinko to be modern. The new networks, alliances and ecosystems are what can change the industry. New ways of sharing information, working and business models are emerging. Our focus shifts with the times. We want to broaden the subjects we educate on, as well as the ways in which we educate. And in order to change the way people work, time must be allowed. Because it is a process.” 

Much like the learning process itself. 

Text: Kati Keturi



Kiinko Real Estate Education Est. 1978

Employees: 35 people, as well as 400 experts in a network

Offers innovative training activities under six thematic real estate education areas:

  • Real estate business, asset, property and facilities management & leaderships  
  • Building owners and construction clients 
  • Real Estate agent
  • Accounting and controller 
  • Property management incl. infrastructure, housing, commercial buildings 
  • Construction project management, maintenance, repairs, renovation and energy efficiency related projects 


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