Koti English KaukoInternational is Finnish companies’ bridge to Kazakhstan

KaukoInternational is Finnish companies’ bridge to Kazakhstan


Through KazFin Green Technology Transfer Center, Finnish companies have the unique opportunity of helping Kazakhstan become one of the green technology tech leaders of the world. KaukoInternational is the driver and bridge-builder in this process.

In the wake of the recent Expo 2017 Astana, KaukoInternational CEO Niiles Airola reminds us of Kazakhstan’s market potential for Finnish companies.

“Expo 2017 was very significant for Finland, as it opened up relations between Finland and Kazakhstan in a completely new way, with President Niinistö honouring the Finnish Day with his presence and several Finnish ministers visiting and forging relations on site. This creates a good basis for Finnish-Kazakh cooperation, as Finnish green-tech know-how has a lot to offer the Kazakh and Central Asian markets.”

Kazakhstan is the dominant nation of Central Asia economically, generating 60% of the region’s GDP, primarily through its oil and gas industry. 

 “Kazakhstan is the former bread basket of Russia, with mineral-rich soil and enormous oil and gas reserves. It is even said that the Finns originated at the southern end of the Urals, which is in modern-day Kazakhstan. So it could be that our relations have a deeper connection, one that points to being related.”

KaukoInternational is present locally

KaukoInternational has been present locally in Kazakhstan for a long time.

“We have done work over a long period that is now bearing fruit, thanks to our local staff. One of our main tasks is to help companies to new markets. We offer a wide range of services from networking support to assistance in financial issues. In projects we combine local know-how and key component export to ensure competitiveness in local markets and in key markets. We have a big water recycling project in Kazakhstan at the moment, one we have assigned Finnish players to.”   

Green Technology Transfer Center needs for Finnish know-how

Now KaukoInternational is pleased to announce that it is an official partner with Kazakhstan State for green technologies Transfer. 

“The KazFin Green Technology Transfer Center is a commercial platform for building and executing green projects in Kazakhstan which bases in high level Finnish know-how and technology. The platform will bring together green technology partners, companies and state authorities to work towards greener and cleaner Kazakhstan and the whole Central Asia region. The areas of interest lie in water treatment, waste-to-energy and sludge treatment solution first and foremost, but will stretch to other areas in green technology field as well,” Niiles says. 

“It´s a great opportunity for Finnish Green Tech companies as the Kazakh state is very keen on utilizing Finnish expertise and know-how on the green technologies, such as waste processing, and especially the expertise of KaukoInternational as a project driver,” says Vladimir Olechshenko, KaukoInternational Central Asia Chief Executive Officer. 

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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Vladimir Olechshenko 


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