Koti bisnes Kukkapuro’s ageless designs hosted in Europe by Modeo

Kukkapuro’s ageless designs hosted in Europe by Modeo


Yrjö Kukkapuro is one of the most legendary Finnish interior architects and designers.

Yrjö Kukkapuro’s career, which has spanned sixty years is exceptional: he has received multiple international awards and his pieces are included in the collections of leading design museums, such as MoMa of New York, Victoria and Albert Museum, London and Vitra Museum. He has a very unique vision and way of thinking. Many of his very modern creations, such as the Ateljee seating series (1964), Karuselli lounge chair (1965) and Remmi chair (1969) have become modern classics. Remmi, for instance, is a great chair for laptop working! Beauty, sustainability and usability are at the very core of his work. We’re proud to host these stunning pieces under our roof,” says Modeo’s Yrjö Kukkapuro Product specialist Nina Hultkrantz.

Earlier this year, the Finnish company Modeo secured exclusive rights to the major part of Yrjö Kukkapuro’s furniture collection for the European markets. Kukkapuro visited Modeo in the early stages of the co-operation and made quite an impression on everyone. This is clearly a business affair of mutual respect. 

“You have to remember, he is over 80 years old but as sharp as ever! The designer in him is very much still in there. He is boldly trying new things. In Asia, Kukkapuro is very well known and has a large following. People of all ages are attracted to his designs. It’s no wonder: they are done with such precision and functionality that time actually just enhances their power. The new central library Oodi in Helsinki will feature Kukkapuro’s classics as well as newer pieces from the 2000s.”

Modeo has a front-row seat to the changes in their industry 

Decision makers are becoming bolder in utilising their office spaces. Companies are more invested in creating functional yet enjoyable offices, thus giving a boost to the work done there. 

“The way people work has changed and the industry with it. Multi-functional work environments are in demand. This requires movable walls, spaces for quiet work as well as co-working. Customers are also highly aware of quality. Cheap, lower quality furniture won’t cut it. They want sustainable, high quality furniture that stands the test of time. We want to bring simplicity into complex projects. The products may come from around the world, but our customers need only communicate with us. We make life simpler for our customers”, concludes Hultkrantz.

Text: Kati Keturi

Yrjö Kukkapuro

  • B-to-b furniture supplier and interior design agency
  • Founded in 2006
  • Main showroom, HQ and warehouse located in Helsinki
  • Showrooms in cities around Finland: Turku, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Oulu, Pori, Lappenranta, Mikkeli, Rovaniemi, Kajaani and Ranua
  • Supplier of office furniture for the Finnish government as well as various cities 

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Modeo is a Finnish nationwide business-to-business furniture supplier offering a broad selection of Scandinavian style design furniture at various price points. We have been on the market for ten years and operate throughout Finland. Our portfolio includes more than 50 international brands and covers office and design furniture, textiles, lighting and ergonomic products. Moreover, we create some of our own products and utilize the expertise of highly skilled craftsmen for producing custom-made solutions. Modeo cares about the environment as well as the stories and people behind products. Our beautiful, functional and timeless office solutions promote wellbeing at work and support good management. Business clients can easily find our products through our online store.

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