Koti bisnes Leave behind job-offer spam and find the job that truly inspires you

Leave behind job-offer spam and find the job that truly inspires you


As a Software developer or designer, you already know that your field is the hottest on the Nordic recruitment market right now. There are plenty of job offers, but none are the perfect fit. Too often these offers are either unrealistic (one person required to do the work of three) or they are just a similar role in a different company. With Northstar, you can stop wading through the wrong job offers because we help you get access to the companies where your new job is already waiting for you.

Northstar serves the talent, not the company

Northstar is a career service that is interested in the personal career aspirations, goals and skills of each talent. Instead of spamming people with irrelevant job offers, Northstar’s talent agents use their knowledge and networks to assist talents in finding their dream jobs.

“The idea is simple. First we talk to the individual about their career goals and aspirations: what they want to achieve and where would they like to work. Then we start mapping companies and job opportunities in the Nordic region that match these requirements. Once we find the perfect opportunity, we first present it to the individual and if they give the green light, we contact the company and assist the candidate throughout the hiring process,” says Joel Kinnunen, Talent Agent at Northstar.

Diverse opportunities – from start-ups to corporations

Northstar was originally created by IT recruiters at Barona – the biggest HR service company in Finland, operating in all the Nordic countries. “Our recruiters have worked with developers and designers for over ten years, and we saw how frustrated they were about receiving irrelevant job offers. So we wanted to create a service that helps them successfully seek for new challenges in their career,” says Joel Kinnunen. 

The Northstar team consists of 30 professionals in Finland, Sweden and Denmark, who all have wide networks within IT and interests in new technologies. For example, Joel says, “One of the best parts of my job is the fact that I am constantly learning something new – both about new tech and different companies. But even better, I get to interact with motivated, skilled people every day!”

 “We work with all kinds of companies, from start-ups and tech companies to big corporations that are heavily investing in new technologies. Opening doors to these companies for the right talent is easier for us – we understand their company culture and what kind of competence they need and can easily see how they would support the growth of the talents we work with,” says Joel. 

Text: Mia Heiskanen


So if you are working with technology and interested in taking new career steps, take a look at northstarjobs.io. The service is free for the talent. Join us by filling in an simple form, or contact one of our talent agents directly. We’ll help you take that step so your career can reach new heights!

Northstar powered by Barona IT


  • Joel Kinnunen

Talent Agent – Finland

joel (a) northstarjobs.io

  • Lotta Lehmusvuori

Talent Agent – Sweden

lotta (a) northstarjobs.io

  • Michael Chang

Talent Agent – Denmark

michael (a) northstarjobs.io

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Northstar powered by Barona IT

Our dream is to help the pioneers of the digital age – designers, architects, developers; all of you brave doers – navigate through work life.

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